Rovner & Associates, Inc. is a client-focused boutique firm specializing in information technology recruitment and committed to providing quality service throughout the search process. Founded in 1993, we are proud to say that all of Rovner & Associates, Inc.'s business has been generated by referral or repeat business. What better testimonial on the quality of our work, than by satisfied clients or candidates.

We believe there are three critical elements in conducting a successful search. The first is gaining a thorough understanding of our client's business, needs and culture. We take all the necessary steps to learn what it is that makes our clients successful. The second is providing our search consultants with the most progressive research tools to locate the best candidates. We maintain our competitive edge with an superb research and recruitment team that continuously builds and updates our resource pool with qualified technology professionals. The third element is a serious commitment to on-going dialog with our clients throughout the search process. In today's market, talented technology professionals are in alarmingly high demand. Timing and continuous communication have become increasingly crucial factors in achieving a swift and positive outcome.

Rovner & Associates, Inc.'s broad spectrum of successfully managed searches range from Technology Consultant, Project Manager, Program Manager, Client Account Partner, Business Development Manager,e-Strategist,Subject Matter Experts, Enterprise Architect, Digital Strategist, to Director, CIO, and CTO. We offer a wide range of challenging and exciting career choices in the areas of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), e-Business Development, and Knowledge Management. Our clients come from a variety of industries including; publishing, packaged software products, technology solutions consulting, e-business products and consulting,financial services.

We build solid long-term relationships with our clients by assisting in their quest for the best talent. We strive to accomplish this with uncompromising thoroughness, integrity, and delivery.

Qualified Candidates

Qualified candidates are presented from careful research, pre-screening and personally interviewed by information systems professionals who match specific position prerequisites and company culture compatibilities. We take the time to listen, understand and assess a candidate's technical and professional strengths, areas of improvement, accomplishments and personal goals to ascertain if there is good fit for a particular company.

If you are interested in becoming a prospective candidate please continue to the Candidate Information Form and tell us about yourself.

Client Services

We view the services we provide as a pathway to assist clients in shaping their Information Technology services with superior professionals who will in turn make a significant contribution to their company's overall business objectives.

If you are interested in our client services please continue to the Client Information Form and tell us about yourself and your company's information technology needs.



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